Tony Collier // Guitar and Vocals

I  was born in Reading, Berkshire formed my first group, The Strangers, whilst at school.
During my training as an engineer I decided to finish my apprenticeship early and become a professional musician (very unhappy parents). We toured Norway and Sweden in the early 60, and had a couple of hit records over there…. The next few years were taken up touring the North of England and Scotland, doing The Club Circuits . Not only did we perform in our own show, but we also backed many of the well known artistes of the 60s such as Danny Williams, (Moon River ) Billy Fury, Ricky Vallance ( Tell Laura I Love Her), and too many others to remember. During that time, we also worked as Dickie Pride’s backing group. In '69, I joined Wishful Thinking. The very best band that I have ever played with.. Up until now of course

Read more about Tony's history and Wishful Thinking here

YAn Webber // Guitar and vocals

I first picked up a guitar when in the Army in 1964. I only took up the guitar because I couldn’t afford the drum kit I really wanted! On leaving the army, I was invited by a friend to join his fledgling band. This was the start of my musical career which has led me to being a member of something like 25 bands of many different genres; only being sacked from one, but do we have to talk about that right now?..  

My first ‘proper’ guitar was a cheap Telecaster copy with one pickup; it cost me the princely sum of £12. Since then, I have bought, used and sold countless guitars, amps and effects units. I now have settled on quality equipment which suits me and is fit for purpose


I have played with dozens of different people; from those whos egos exceeded their talents to consummate professionals, with whom it’s been a joy to play. I can safely file the members of Goldrush under the latter category; they make playing music satisfying and fun; after all, that is what it’s all about! 

David Vane // guitar, keyboards and vocals


Started playing guitar at the age of 9 but was encouraged to learn piano and other instruments by parents. But guitar was always my favourite. Started my first band  "The Young Folk" with friends from school and played local folk clubs and halls until I went away to Rolle College in Exmouth. There I started another band playing material by Pentangle, CSNY, Eagles etc.

Joined the staff of the college and started a duo - "Serendipity" with my (then) wife  which was very succesful around the area and in 1976 pulled togther a seven piece band called "Serendipity Showband" to audition for Top Rank Suite in Plymouth where we we resident for three years. 

In 1982 moved back to Southampton and started the duo again which then grew into a band - "Razzmataz",  We auditioned for the residency in Pontins Christchurch where we stayed for 8 years. I enjoyed  arrnaging and playing keyboards and guitar and backing cabaret acts. One of the best times!

Subsequently played in various lineups playing bass pedals and guitar and occasionaly keyboards unitl Goldrush...

Geoff Chalk //  bass and vocals


I started playing at 14 in a skiffle group, moved on to rock n roll with mostly the same people and we were then invited to go full time by a local promoter doing our own thing  and backing many singers.

I moved on to other groups with the same and other promoters.

I joined the backing band of the Brooks Brothers and enjoyed the fruits of some hit records. afterwards I spent some time doing recording sessions in London.


I returned to Southampton and have played in local groups ever since...

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